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In order to become a contributor to this page and benefit from the program you must take the following steps:

  1. You MUST be a current Publishing Member in Good Standing with the NAHP.
  2. Contact NAHP at membership@nahp.org to confirm your membership is up to date, or to renew your membership.
  3. Upon confirmation of membership in Good Standing or upon renewing your membership, you can request a User ID and Password to access the contributors section.
  4. Once you have your credentials, you will login by clicking on the Publishers Access tab to upload your story or news.
  5. The story/news will be reviewed  by the NAHP Chief Bureau Officer and be published
  6. Stories and News should be of general interest for the publishers region, state, national or international.
  7. The goal of this page is to provide our publishers/editors the ability to access news and content of relevance for their publications, free of charge as members of the NAHP.


Last updated: Feb 24, 2017